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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2017 / ORLANDO, FLORIDA CAM X 2017 14 SHOWDAILY NEW TECHNOLOGY LONG BEACH CALIFORNIA SAVE THE DATES 2018 EXHIBITS MAY 22-23 CONFERENCE MAY 21-24 New Business SOLUTIONS Face-to-Face MEETINGS ■ Training: Overcome current and future M&P challenges ■ Best Practices: Immediate takeaways for your benefit ■ Presentations: Strong technical content relevant to what you do A MERICAN COMPOSITES MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION FIND A JOB FILL A POSITION IT'S THAT EASY YOUR VOICE. YOUR RESOURCE. YOUR ASSOCIATIO ACMA's new career center integrates jobs, employers, and job seekers from a network of 48 Engineering and Science partners. Employers benefit from quick and easy job postings with convenient online status reports. Job seekers have access to the latest composite industry jobs. High-Modulus PP Fibers Innegra Technologies (Greenville, South Carolina) is highlighting its Innegra high-modulus polypro- pylene (HMPP) fiber, used in composite and textile applications to increase toughness, durability and damping and improve signal transmission. The Innegra S fiber technology continues expansion in new applications, which can be seen in the Innegra booth: Boot insoles, radomes, blast- and ballistic-resistant structures, transportation. Innegra S is characterized as low density (0.84 g/cm 3 bulk density), tough, flexible and ductile, moisture and chemical resistant, temperature resistant, and as having a low dielectric constant (Dk = 2.2) and loss factor (Df = 0.0009). Innegra Technologies, Booth Q70 Hydraulic Presses and Control Systems French Oil Mill Machinery Co. (Piqua, Ohio) and sister company TMP, A Division of French, are displaying their heavy-duty hydraulic presses for composites manufacturing. French and TMP composites presses come in upacting or downacting configurations and are typically designed with very low deflection of ±0.001 inch per foot. Custom platen sizes and config- urations are available with tonnage capacity to 2,000 tons and packages for high-temperature heating up to 1200°F/816°C. Presses can be fitted with process-improving features including loading and unloading automation systems, vacuum chambers, tilting platens and advanced electrical control packages that give customers greater press control and flexibility. Platen water cooling or heating functions, either electric, oil, steam or the company's specialized UNI-TEMP heated platens, can be customized based on the customer's manufacturing requirements. Light curtains can be mounted on the press front. Press sides and rear have aluminum frames with expanded metal or plexiglass inter guards as a safety precaution. The Press Control System is a microprocessor-based system, designed to improve quality through better processing accuracy, repeatability, versatile process-control programming and monitoring of data for analysis. Components of the system include an Allen- Bradley PLC and color touchscreen operator interface, which displays press programming of machine recipes, including temperature setpoint, pressure setpoints and time, as well as visual alarms for temperature and pressure faults. TMP, A Division of French, Booth A39 3D Printing Equipment Additive manufacturing and 3D printing specialist Stratasys Inc. (Eden Prairie, Minnesota) is emphasizing the manufacture of molds and mandrels made with its fused deposition modeling (FDM) materials and equipment. Also in the Stratasys booth are detailed and custom composite layup tools, the Stratasys Fortus 450mc 3D printer and finished examples of 3D printing tooling applications. Stratasys Inc., Booth S43

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