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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2017 / ORLANDO, FLORIDA CAM X 2017 14 SHOWDAILY NEW TECHNOLOGY LONG BEACH CALIFORNIA SAVE THE DATES 2018 EXHIBITS MAY 22-23 CONFERENCE MAY 21-24 New Business SOLUTIONS Face-to-Face MEETINGS ■ Training: Overcome current and future M&P challenges ■ Best Practices: Immediate takeaways for your benefit ■ Presentations: Strong technical content relevant to what you do As a virtual job seeker you can... In Conjunction with: ■ View the full list of Job Postings online now! ■ Find open positions that match your interests and qualifications. ■ Submit your online job applications today. ■ See printed lists of jobs in the Exhibit Hall. Hosted Online by: Connecting Composites and Advanced Materials Companies with Qualified Professionals Online Now – Dec. 17, 2017 Automated Cutting Table for Reinforcement Fabrics Cutting table manufacturer S.M.R.E. SpA (Umbertide, Italy) is featuring its SM-381-TA, a high-performance flatbed system with a reduced footprint and an entry level price. It can cut carbon fiber, glass fiber or Kevlar, dry or prepregged, in either unidirectional or multiaxial formats. The SM-381-TA is equipped with brush- less servomotors and a belt transmission system that reportedly helps the system maintain preci- sion in axis movements. The worktop is made from solid milled-aluminum plates; the grooves of the worktop, traced with a specific design, together with a 5.5-kW vacuum and a four- sector partitioning system, help keep material gripped to the surface. The system is available with a static worktop or sacrificial carpet, as well as a robust conveyor belt that allows the automatic unloading of material after it's been processed. Other options include oscillating blade, drag knife, rotary blade, socket for pen marker and laser pointer for dynamic zero point. S.M.R.E. SpA, Booth C2. Epoxy Resin Curing Agents and More Dixie Chemical Co. Inc. (Pasadena, Texas), a producer of curing agents for epoxy resin systems and specialty chemicals for the thermoset and composite markets, offers a range of anhydride curing agents, reactive diluents, tougheners, resins and bio-based raw materials. Dixie has developed a proprietary pre- catalyzed anhydride technology, leading to novel anhydride curing agents such as ECA 607 and NMA 407 for epoxy. These products allow for epoxy formulations with low viscosities, long pot lives, fast cures and high glass transition temperatures (Tg) making them well suited for high-speed pultrusion processes to produce cost-efficient, advanced composite components. In collaboration with Professor Giuseppe Palmese's polymer and composites research group at Drexel University, Dixie says it is developing a line of new tougheners for thermosets. The first among these is DRX R82, tailored for vinyl ester and unsaturated poly- ester resins, which enhances toughness and impact resistance with a minimal effect on the resin viscosity and the cured resin Tg. Dixie reports that it also has partnered with industry experts to design a lightweight composite panel for highly damage-tolerant construction applications. It was developed using an epoxy-anhydride resin system and combining different composites concepts, such as syntactic foam and resin-infused structural skins. This panel has a synergistic combination of reinforcements using carbon and glass fibers, along with hollow macro- and microspheres. Dixie Chemical Co. Inc., Booth Q22.

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