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Page 2 of 15 Orlando, Florida | Orange County Con- CAMX 2018 3 THURSDAY | October 18, 2018 IN ASSOCIATION WITH Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center D A L L A S , T E X A S Produced by the editors of SHOWdail y SHOWDAILY STAFF CONTRIBUTORS CompositesWorld Magazine Jeff Sloan, Editor-In-Chief Sara Black, Technical Editor Ginger Gardiner, Senior Editor Scott Francis, Senior Editor Hannah Mason, Assistant Editor Ryan Delahanty, Publisher Chris Saulnier, Marketing Director Barb Businger, Regional Manager Dale Jackman, Regional Manager Michael Schwartz, Regional Manager Eddie Kania, European Sales Manager SHOWDAILY PRODUCTION Rhonda Weaver, Production Manager Kate Hand, Editor Heather Francis, Art Director/Photographer Becky Taggert, Advertising Manager The CAMX ShowDaily is published by Gardner Business Media, Inc. 6915 Valley Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45245 © 2018 by Gardner Business Media, Inc. Versatile, toughened epoxy systems Epoxy supplier Olin is featuring products that represent the company's presence in several end markets. Included are a frac plug for oil and gas applications, glass and carbon •ber pultruded wind blade spar caps, a carbon •ber pressure vessel, •lament wound pipe, and a painted glass •ber, •lament wound leaf spring for the Corvette. The centerpiece of the exhibit is a large loop of basalt •ber/epoxy rebar that is currently being tested and evaluated by the Florida Dept. of Transportation for use in bridge and highway structures. Olin's R&D director Rajesh Turakhia says the company hopes to pass these tests by the end of 2018, at which point Olin will pursue commercialization of the product. Next-generation aerospace carbon fiber South Korea-based Hyosung Advanced Materials Corp. Carbon Fiber Business Division is launching a new carbon •ber, designed for next-generation primary and secondary aerospace structures. The •ber is available now in 24k tow format, 6k and 12k tow coming soon. Hyosung of•cials say that the material offers higher tensile strength than what is currently available in the intermediate modulus range. Properties include 6,120 MPa (887 Ksi) tensile strength and 293 GPa (42.5 Msi) tensile modulus. The •ber is available unsized for thermo- plastics use, or with epoxy-standard sizing. Tooling from large-format additive manufacturing (LEFT) Ingersoll is featuring part of a large, 395°F-capable aerospace production tool made using 20% chopped carbon •ber-reinforced ABS compound from Techmer and its Wide and High Additive Manufacturing (WHAM) 3D printing process, using a rail-mounted Kuka robot. Ingersoll will open its additive manufacturing R&D center in December. (RIGHT) Similarly, Thermwood is featuring a mold fabricated using its new Large Scale Additive Manufacturing (LSAM) system,which can perform additive and subtractive manufacturing functions on the same machine. The tool on display uses 20% carbon •ber-reinforced polyethersulfone (PESU). Without coating or sealing the tool, Thermwood tested it for vacuum integrity and achieved 28 inHg; after the vacuum line was removed, and almost 2 hours later, the vacuum had dropped only 1 inHg to 27 inHg. Hybrid fabrics lightweight canoe This canoe in the ACE Pavilion features SmartHybrid fabric by Texonic that includes and replaces 15 local reinforcements that would typically be placed individually. Saving time, simplifying the manufacturing process and improving repeatability, the SmartHybrid fabrics were designed to maximize impact resistance, rigidity and £exibility where needed.

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