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SHOWdaily CAMX 2018 14 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2018 / DALLAS, TEXAS Join over 100 composites manufacturing professionals and leaders, technicians, and engineers in spring 2019 for the North American Pultrusion Conference, hosted in partnership with the European Pultrusion Technology Association (EPTA). The North American Pultrusion Conference will feature presentations from industry leaders from around the globe covering topics on: • Material Advancements • Pultrusion Processing, Equipment, and Tooling Advancements • Design Techniques and Simulation • Standards Development • Unique and Future Market Opportunities Save the date and look for the latest updates late-2018 at #CAMX18 Infusion consumables and prepreg materials Airtech International Inc. (Huntington Beach, CA, US) is introducing several new products this year. Fast Tack HT is a sealant tape for high-temperature applications that builds tack quickly when applied to Thermalimide. Benefits of the tape include a high-temperature resistance film, excellent release off cured parts and flexibility for applying pressure over simple contoured shapes. Thermalimide RCBS is a high-performance release film treated on both sides for cure temperatures up to 761°F/405°C. It is designed for use with thermoplastic materials and other high-temperature materials. Airweave UHT 300PGL and Airweave UHT 450PGL are premium nonwoven, blended, fiberglass breathers for ultrahigh-temperature applications. They reportedly provide a smooth transition for the vacuum bag in any radius. Also new are Pre-Cut Tape Strips, designed to reduce touch labor and minimize the use of knives and scissors. In addition, the strips eliminate the possibility of damaging the vacuum bag. GS-333LT sealant tape has been designed for clean removal after a long cure cycle. It is suitable for temperatures up to 400°F/204°C. Beta TX670 DISCO is a prepreg sold in sheet format, in 0°/±60° orientation. It comes with an engineered cut pattern that is said to improve drapability. Combo-Tech Combination Products combine peel ply, release films and/or breathers in wide widths and can be slit to custom sizes. A4000 LFST is a heat-shrinkable lay-flat tube for mandrel protection applications. When exposed to heat of 249-348°F (121-176°C) in a recirculating oven, tunnel oven or from a heat gun, the A4000 LFST material will shrink to closely fit a mandrel. It is said to be ideal for providing a self-releasing cover for mandrels used in fabrication of hollow composite parts. Airtech International Inc., Booth V3 Braided fabrics for thermoset and thermoplastic resin systems said to save time and money A&P Technology (Cincinnati, OH, US) is exhibiting engineered braided fabrics designed to enable cost savings. Bimax, a ±45° off-the-roll fabric, is said to eliminate the need to cut 0°/90° woven fabric on the bias, saving time and money. QISO, a 0°/±60° fabric, is balanced in a single ply enabling easy lay-up and eliminating the need to orient plies. Benchmarked against comparable woven fabric laminates, QISO report- edly outperforms in tension, compression, open hole and impact events. NEW TECHNOLOGY In addition to standard fabrics, A&P's range of braiding machinery allows for design flexibility and the customization of hybrid fabrics to optimize part requirements, reduce waste and reduce manufacture costs. Custom fabrics include those with hybrid architectures (e.g., triaxial regions within a biaxial fabric), hybridized material systems and customized widths. A&P braids narrow-slit thermoplastic tapes into preforms or wide fabrics, and A&P also provides wide fabrics for the production of thermoplastic billets or thermoplastic semipreg – fabrics that are post-treated and coated with thermoplastic resin film. A&P Technology, Booth U3

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