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SHOW daily CAM X 2018 14 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2018 / DALLAS, TEXAS NEW LOCATION! CALL FOR ABSTRACTS SAMPE 2019 SAMPE seeks high quality technical papers focused on advanced materials and processes, research, development, and applications for the SAMPE 2019 Conference. To take advantage of this opportunity, submit a 100-200 word abstract by December 1, 2018 . Submit your abstract at . Upon acceptance of your abstract, a technical paper is due by February 1, 2019. Conference: May 20-23, 2019 Exhibition: May 21-22, 2019 Charlotte Convention Center Charlotte, North Carolina Share Your Ideas, Research and Expertise Questions? Contact: Briana Condon | +1.626.521.9454 PEKK thermoplastics combine with carbon fiber for flight-ready 3D parts Hexcel (Stamford, CT, US) is featuring one of it newest technologies, HexAM additive manufacturing technology, which combines high-performance PEKK thermoplastics with carbon fiber to produce flight-ready 3D-printed HexPEKK parts. Hexcel acquired this technology from Oxford Performance Materials in December 2017. HexPEKK structures offer weight, cost and time-to- market reductions, replacing traditional cast or machined metallic parts in highly demanding aerospace, satellite and defense applications. Hexcel also is presenting its HexShield thermal management system, which provides high-temperature resistance in aircraft engine nacelles. HexShield works by integrating a thermally resistant material into honeycomb cells, providing a core product with heat- shielding capabilities that allow for the potential re-use of material after a fire event. Also in Hexcel's booth is Acousti-Cap broadband noise-reducing honeycomb, designed to improve acoustic absorption in aircraft engine nacelles. The acoustic treatment can be positioned at a consistent depth and resistance within the core, or can be placed in a pattern of varying depths and/or resistances, offering an acoustic liner that is tuned to the engine operating conditions. Another Hexcel product at the show is the line of unsized HexTow carbon fibers for use with thermo- plastic matrices; included is its newest high-modulus fiber, HexTow HM50, for commercial and defense aircraft and engines. Hexcel is promoting its latest PrimeTex woven carbon fabrics that decrease areal weight while providing a smooth, closed weave and uniform cosmetic appearance, and its HiMax multiaxial reinforcements. Hexcel, Booth Y13 Curing agents, reactive diluents, tougheners, bio-based resins Dixie Chemical (Pasadena, TX, US) is emphasizing its line of anhydride curing agents, reactive diluents, tougheners, resins and bio-based raw materials. Dixie's line includes modified anhydrides, which combine the performance benefits of specialty additives such as accelerators and mold release agents. Dixie also offers pre-cata- lyzed anhydride technology, leading to novel anhydride curing agents such as ECA 619 and NMA 419 for epoxy composites. These curatives allow for epoxy formula- tions with low viscosities, long pot lives, fast cures and high glass transition temperatures (T g ), suitable for high-speed pultrusion processes. Dixie also offers low-viscosity epoxy- anhydride formulations for infusion processes such as resin transfer molding (RTM) and high-pressure RIM. These systems cure at relatively low temperatures, opening up applications like damage-tolerant panels, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) and electrical castings. Dixie Chemical, Booth U19 NEW TECHNOLOGY

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