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OCTOBER 15-18, 2018 / DALLAS, TEXAS CAMX 2018 64 PROGRAM CONFERENCE PROGRAM / THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18 Thursday, October 18 (continued) 4:00 PM - 4:25 PM (continued) Track Location ROBUST MANUFACTURING OF COMPLEX-SHAPED PARTS USING MANUFACTURING & D222 OUT-OF-AUTOCLAVE PREPREGS WITH DISCONTINUOUS FORMATS PROCESSING TECHNOLOGIES OUTSTANDING TECH PAPER OUT-OF-AUTOCLAVE (OOA) PATRICIO MARTINEZ, UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 4:30 PM - 4:55 PM A HYBRID CERAMIC-POLYMER COMPOSITE FABRICATED MANUFACTURING & CLEAR FORK - BALLROOM D1 BY CO-CURING LAY-UP PROCESS FOR STRONG BONDING PROCESSING TECHNOLOGIES AND EROSION RESISTANCE TECH PAPER COMPOSITE MANUFACTURING & CHERYL XU, FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY PROCESSING FEBRUARY 2627, 2019 / Los Angeles, CA Tooling Technologies For Composite Manufacturing A "Hands-On" Workshop Immerse yourself in an educational experience at the SAMPE Hands-on Tooling Workshop. SAMPE workshops provide attendees with a broader, practical understanding - more than just listening to lectures. Get real world experience from our experts! Sign-up for the workshop and access important, up-to-date aspects of the current and projected markets. TWO FULL DAYS OF: ■ General State-of-the-Art overview of current Tooling technologies ■ Speakers cover metals, rubber, composites, high temperature, tooling guidelines, prepreg options and many other technologies ■ Hands-on tooling demonstrations and exercises to cement key technologies ■ Prepare your own tooling parts, learn tooling options with exercises, and explore new tool approaches ■ Tour of USC Composites Laboratories "Being able to come and see what dierent products are out there as well as gaining hands-on experience is very beneficial. It allows me to understand what people on the shop floor are going to be dealing with and how I can design parts and processes to better help them." Ryan Dick, Lockheed Martin Limited Admission. Don't Delay! Register today at 2018

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